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FlexiSmooth ProRadius Sanding System

FlexiSmooth ProRadius Sanding System

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Ready to get some sanding work done....with ease!

Introducing the FlexiSmooth ProRadius Sanding System – the pinnacle of precision sanding innovation. This remarkable tool is designed to transform your sanding experience, offering unparalleled versatility and comfort.

Features: Experience the power of adaptable sanding with the FlexiSmooth ProRadius. Its ingenious design allows for easy adjustment between flat, curved, and concave surfaces, making it a true multi-purpose sanding solution. The integrated rotating handle and back groove enhance control and flexibility during sanding, ensuring a flawlessly smooth finish every time.

Crafted from lightweight yet durable Polyurethane Foam, the FlexiSmooth Hand Sander for Drywall revolutionizes work efficiency for professionals across various industries. Whether you're working on wood, furniture, paint, putty, glass, metal, or automotive surfaces, this tool guarantees exceptional results.


  • Easy to Hold: The ergonomic design prioritizes comfort, reducing fatigue and enhancing control for prolonged sanding tasks.
  • Precision Sanding: The adjustable radius feature allows for tailored sanding on different surfaces, achieving consistent perfection effortlessly.
  • Larger Contact Area: Enjoy more coverage with the generous 7cmx40cm/2.76inchx15.75inch dimensions, ensuring efficient progress with each pass.
  • Effortless Control: The rotating handle and groove provide enhanced maneuverability, enabling you to navigate complex contours with ease.

Wide Application: The FlexiSmooth ProRadius finds its place in various industries:

  • Woodworking: Achieve remarkable finishes on wood surfaces with utmost precision.
  • Automotive: Effortlessly polish and finish vehicles for a stunning shine.
  • Construction: Perfect for drywall sanding, paint and rust removal, and much more.


  • Material: Lightweight Polyurethane Foam
  • Weight: 460g
  • Dimensions: approx. 7cmx40cm/2.76inchx15.75inch
  • Compatibility: Works with 70mm mesh sand or two pieces of 70x198mm sanding paper

Unleash the potential of your sanding projects with the FlexiSmooth ProRadius Sanding System. Its ergonomic design, adaptable features, and exceptional results make it the ultimate choice for professionals who demand nothing but the best.


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