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FoldaFlex™ Folding Telescopic Cup

FoldaFlex™ Folding Telescopic Cup

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🌟 Ultimate Convenience in a Compact Package! Meet the FoldaFlex™ Mini Portable Silicone Cup! 🌟

Looking for a portable water bottle that's as convenient as it is sturdy? Look no further! The FoldaFlex™ Mini Portable Silicone Cup is your perfect travel companion. It's not just a water bottle; it's a game-changer! 💧🌟


✔️ Compact and Space-Saving: Foldable to 20% of its original volume, it's a mini marvel that fits anywhere! 📏🧳

✔️ Lightweight and Easy to Carry: Reduce the burden on your bags. Take it on-the-go without hassle. 🏞️👜

✔️ Artistic Folding Design: With a stunning three-dimensional effect, it's not just functional; it's stylish too! 🎨✨

✔️ Built for Any Occasion: Ideal for business trips, sports, fitness, and more! It's your versatile companion. 💼🏋️‍♀️

✔️ Small Size, Big Convenience: Compact, lightweight, and easy to carry. Always be prepared for hydration. 💦

✔️ Stylish and Durable: Beautifully designed, adding a touch of style to your essentials. 🌟💼

✔️ Secure Seal: The cup's lid is made from food-grade PP material, easy to open, and has a robust seal. No leaks here! 🚫💧

✔️ Resilient and Versatile: Resistant to drops, wear and tear, cold, and high temperatures. It's your reliable companion. ❄️🔥

✔️ Safe and Odorless: Made from food-grade silicone material, FDA inspected and certified, free from BPA and any peculiar odors. ✅🚫

✔️ Soft and Durable: With excellent elasticity, no deformation, no cracks, and no discoloration. It's built to last. 💪💧

Product Specifications:

  • Product Name: 2021 New Folding Shrink Cup
  • Material: PP + Food Grade Silicone
  • Cup Capacity: 600ml
  • Product Size: 248.24.8cm (Height after compression: 6.5cm)
  • Product Net Weight: 132g
  • Temperature Range: -50°C to 200°C
  • Recommended Usage Age: 3 years and older
  • Size: Bottle height 22cm, Bottle cap height 25cm, Cup diameter 7cm

Package Includes:

1 x FoldaFlex™ Folding Telescopic Cup

Embrace the convenience of FoldaFlex™ Mini Portable Silicone Cup and make staying hydrated on-the-go a breeze! Get yours today! 🌟🌟🌟

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