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🪄 LuminEdge- 7 Color Galaxy Retractable Toy Laser Sword 🌌

🪄 LuminEdge- 7 Color Galaxy Retractable Toy Laser Sword 🌌

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🪄 Unleash the Power of the LuminEdge™! 🌌

Embark on a journey of imagination and thrill with the LuminEdge™ – not just a toy, but a portal to a universe of excitement! Crafted with care and packed with features, it's time to ignite your inner hero.


🌟 Cutting-Edge Craftsmanship: Engineered with top-tier materials and fueled by a state-of-the-art chip, the LuminEdge™ boasts robustness and performance. The frosted metal texture handle, along with meticulous metal texture detailing, ensures an authentic and satisfying grip.

⚔️ Dual-Blade Fusion: Combine two individual luminous swords into a formidable double-edged laser retractable sword, unleashing epic battles and heroic feats that traverse galaxies.

💥 Dynamic Play Modes: With just one button, the LuminEdge ™ paints the scene with a dazzling array of cool multi-color lights, dynamic fighting sequences, and true-to-life sound effects. Choose from seven LED flash modes, each representing a unique hue from the galactic spectrum.

🌀 Endless Fun and Creativity: Enjoy playful moments with fingertip rotation, adding a layer of amusement and stress relief. Perfect for themed parties, performances, role-play, and beyond – the LuminEdge™ enhances every experience.

🛡️ Safe and Thrilling: Crafted from soft plastic, this saber guarantees safety while delivering an adrenaline rush. It's suitable for kids aged 3 and above, having successfully surpassed stringent child safety tests.

🔦 Versatility Unleashed: Beyond battles, the LuminEdge ™ moonlights as a flashlight, making it a trustworthy companion in the darkest corners of the universe.

Unleash Your Inner Hero:

Team up with the LuminEdge™ and embody the hero you've always admired. Elevate your creative game by integrating this saber into Halloween costumes, performance props, and stress-relief activities. Please remember, avoid exposing this product to water or fire.

⚡ Choose the LuminEdge ™ and embark on an unmatched adventure that transcends age and gender. Allow the Force to guide you toward limitless fun, boundless excitement, and heroic endeavors. 🚀

What You Get:

1- LuminEdge Galaxy Retractable Laser Sword™ -LED flash mode (7 choices: blue, green, red, white, purple, sky blue, green) (the length ranges from 77cm)

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