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PurrPlay™ Smart Laser Cat Collar

PurrPlay™ Smart Laser Cat Collar

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Introducing the PurrPlay™ Smart Laser Cat Collar – the ultimate feline entertainment experience! 🐾


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Enhance your cat's playtime with the PurrPlay™ Smart Laser Cat Collar – a delightful mix of safety, entertainment, and convenience. Perfect for cat lovers looking to provide their furry friends with the best in interactive play. Don't miss out on our exclusive offer – buy 2 collars and get 1 free at 50% off! Treat your cat to endless fun and order yours now! 🐱✨

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🌟 Features:

🌈 Made of High-Quality PC/TPU Material: Our collar is crafted with top-notch PC/TPU material, ensuring it's harmless for cats and other pets. The lightweight design makes it super comfortable for kittens to wear around their necks.

💡 Laser-Designed Funny Cat Collar: Experience the magic of a laser-designed collar that adds an element of fun to your cat's life. The laser is soft and non-dazzling, ensuring the safety of your cat's eyes during playtime.

🔋 USB Rechargeable Battery Design: Say goodbye to the hassle of replacing alkaline batteries! Our Smart Laser Cat Collar features a convenient USB rechargeable battery design, making it eco-friendly and easy to charge whenever needed.

🕒 Extended Playtime: With just a 1-hour charge, your cat can enjoy nearly 5 hours of playtime! Keep your furry friend entertained and active with this rechargeable collar toy.

📏 Adjustable Collar Length: The collar comes with an adjustable length of 200-310mm (8-12 inches), ensuring a perfect fit for most cat sizes. The 45-degree flexible light pointer adds versatility to the play experience.

📌 Specifications:

  • Name: PurrPlay™ Smart Laser Cat Collar
  • Material: PC/TPU
  • Weight: About 29g
  • Size: 310x34mm
  • Length: 200-310mm
  • Charging: USB Rechargeable Battery


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