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ThermPrint™️-Mini Pocket Thermal Printer

ThermPrint™️-Mini Pocket Thermal Printer

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🎉 Enjoy Printing on the Go with ThermPrint! 🖨️🌟

Take advantage of our high-performance pocket printer and print beautiful images wherever you go! 🚀 ThermPrint makes printing more efficient and hassle-free since it delivers results in an instant.

This adorable thermal paper printer does not use expensive ink or toner to print your artwork. Thanks to its improved quality, the ThermPrint offers a clear and legible output that's way clearer than traditional printers. 🖼️🧾

Key Benefits:

Multifunctional Printer: There are endless possibilities when using this awesome pocket cat thermal printer. Apart from using it for learning materials, it is also best used to record life, print images, journal, doodle, print love letters, and the list goes on. 💡📚🎨

🎯 Easy to Operate: Simply toggle the switch to turn it on and off. Wirelessly connect ThermPrint to your mobile phone through Bluetooth and start printing using an application. 📱🔗

🚀 Portable Size: Document and print memories on the go! This paper photo printer is intelligently designed to be compact, making it convenient to bring everywhere. 📸🗺️

🎁 Perfect Gift: ThermPrint can also serve as an inexpensive dupe for instant cameras, making it the perfect gift for hobbyists. This multifunctional thermal paper printer is best given to students and children that enjoy unique activities. 🎁🎈

🌈 Product Details:

  • Print Name: Mini printer, Pocket printer, Photo printer, Cartoon printer, Home printer, Office printer
  • Color: Pink/Blue (optional)
  • Product Name: Pocket Thermal Printer
  • Print Speed: Max 40mm/s
  • Connection: USB
  • Print Width: 57mm
  • Paper Width: 57mm
  • Roll Diameter: 26mm
  • Printer Material: ABS + PC
  • Interface Type: Bluetooth 3.0/4.0
  • Charging Mode: USB
  • Battery Capacity: 1000 mAh
  • Size: 11cm8cm3.5cm

🎈 Features:

  1. Save time in hand, written notes, help learning, improve learning efficiency, print at a speed of 10mm/s, wrong questions are no longer cluttered, and learning has rules.

  2. The product can be used to print learning materials for wrong questions, but also record the growth of children, the feeling of traveling.

  3. Support for topic search, text recognition, and retrieval technology helps children to take pictures and upload questions for detailed question answering.

  4. The mini printer is featured with cute appearance and excellent performance.

  5. Easy to use and carry, you can use this printer as gifts for your children to help their study.

  6. The thermal printing principle eliminates the need for ribbon ink printing, let you imagine the joy of printing. 🌟📝

💪 Advantages:

Record The Life, Travel Log, Tutoring Child, Expressing Love... ...

Just Do What You Like! 🌈💖

🔧 Function:

A lot of function for choosing! 🛠️🎨

🔔 After-Sales Service:

  1. If you encounter difficulties in the process of using the product, you can consult us for related technical issues.

  2. If the product you received is Shortage, damaged, or has other problems, please first contact us as soon as possible.

  3. If you still do not receive the goods after the receiving period, please kindly contact us. 📞🛍️

Get your ThermPrint today and unleash your creativity on the go! 🌠🎉

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