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TimeGuard - New Cell Phone Timing Lock Box

TimeGuard - New Cell Phone Timing Lock Box

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🔐 Unplug and Unlock Life with TimeGuard - Your Mobile Phone Discipline Solution 📵🌟

Experience the power of TimeGuard, a revolutionary solution designed to help you regain control over your screen time and embrace meaningful moments.

This cutting-edge device securely stores your cell phone for a predetermined duration, allowing you to detach from digital distractions and find a healthier balance in your daily life.

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Key Benefits:

📲 Screen Time Management: TimeGuard enables effective screen time management by securely storing your cell phone for a predetermined duration. Break free from digital distractions, promoting a healthier balance between virtual and real-world interactions, and fostering mindful technology usage.

⏱️ Customizable Timer: This innovative device comes with a customizable timer, allowing you to set the desired duration for phone storage. Whether you need a short break from your device during work hours or an extended period of focus during family time, TimeGuard puts you in control of your screen time.

🚀 Portable Design: The lock box features a secure design, providing peace of mind that your phone is safely stored during the designated time. Its compact and portable construction allows you to take it with you wherever you go, making it an ideal tool for promoting screen time discipline both at home and on the go.

💆 Enhanced Well-being: By using TimeGuard, embrace moments of uninterrupted focus and relaxation, reducing stress and enhancing your overall well-being. As it encourages healthier technology habits, this device empowers you to cultivate a more balanced lifestyle, enjoying more meaningful connections and increased presence in daily activities.


  1. Control mobile phone usage time to master study and work time, especially helpful for students, office workers, authors, and test preparation personnel.

  2. Novel design, convenient to carry, and suitable for most mobile phones. The locked phone can still answer calls and handle emergencies.

  3. Rechargeable design with an additional mobile phone charging port, allowing you to charge your phone while learning.

  4. Two emergency unlocking procedures available for added safety. Press and hold for 10 seconds for emergency startup.

  5. Three-way paddle wheel switch and digital screen display for easy self-selected timing time. Adjust the timing time from 5-12 hours based on your working and learning needs.


🎨 Color: Gentleman Black, Cool Grey Blue

⚖️ Weight: about 163g

📏 Inner diameter: 6.57 * 3.54 * 0.51 inches / (16.7 * 9 * 1.3cm)

📐 Outer diameter: 8.4 * 3.74 * 0.76 inches / (21.35 * 9.5 * 1.95cm)

🔋 Battery capacity: 300mAh

 Battery life: Under the condition of ordinary use, a single charge can be used for 30 days

Product list: 1 * Mobile phone timing box

Reclaim control over your screen time and embrace life's precious moments with TimeGuard! 🌟📵

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