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AeroDrip 5-Hole Spray Fan

AeroDrip 5-Hole Spray Fan

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Introducing AeroDrip, your ultimate cooling companion for all seasons! Designed to keep you comfortable year-round, AeroDrip is more than just a fan—it's a versatile 5-hole spray fan that brings a refreshing breeze wherever you go.

Features and Benefits:

🌬️ Multi-Functional Use: AeroDrip provides cooling relief in the summer and humidifies the air in the winter.

🌈 Adjustable Wind Speeds & Automatic Timing: Customize your cooling experience with 3 wind speeds and automatic timing options.

🌟 Colorful Atmosphere: Set the mood with 7 adjustable night light colors.

🧼 Easy Cleaning & Portable Design: AeroDrip's removable components make cleaning a breeze, while its portable handle ensures easy transport.

♻️ Energy Efficient & Eco-Friendly: AeroDrip operates at low energy consumption, promoting energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.


  • Product Size: Approximately 21cm x 9cm x 26cm
  • Packaging Box Size: Approximately 21.5cm x 11cm x 27cm
  • Voltage: 5V
  • Current: 2A
  • Power: 10W
  • Interface: USB-Type-C
  • Water Tank Capacity: 600ml
  • Atomization Amount: 45ml/h - 225ml/h
  • Number of Nozzles: 5
  • Fan Gear: 3rd Gear Adjustment
  • Night Light Color: 7 Colors Adjustable
  • Timing Gear: 1-3 Hours
  • Output Power: 5W
  • Input Power: 2.0A
  • Product Line Length: 1.2 Meters
  • Power Supply: USB Type-C
  • Spray Nozzle Switch: 1-3-5

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