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Eggstronaut™ Golden Egg Mixer and Cutter

Eggstronaut™ Golden Egg Mixer and Cutter

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Introducing the Eggstronaut™ Golden Egg Mixer and Cutter!

Do you ever find yourself struggling to separate egg whites from yolks? Well, say hello to the Eggstronaut™ Golden Egg Mixer and Cutter – the kitchen innovation you never knew you needed. It's not just a kitchen gadget; it's a culinary companion that adds an exciting twist to your cooking adventures.

The Eggstronaut™ takes egg separation to a whole new level with its captivating rocket-inspired design. Crafted with premium food-grade materials, it's as durable as it is delightful. Here's how it works:

  1. Crack the Egg: Begin by cracking an egg into a bowl or onto a plate.

  2. Suction and Release: Squeeze the top section of the Eggstronaut™, and watch as it elegantly sucks up the egg yolk with its unique suction mechanism.

  3. Transfer with Precision: Carefully move the Eggstronaut™ over to your collection bowl or container, then release the yolk. It drops effortlessly, leaving the egg white behind. This process can be repeated for multiple eggs with the same efficiency.

Why Eggstronaut™?

🚀 High-quality Material: Constructed from thick PC material with a built-in soft food-grade silicone pad, the Eggstronaut™ protects your eggs with 360° stability. It's effective, safe, and won't harm your precious eggs.

🚀 Clean and Hygienic: Say goodbye to messy egg separation. The Eggstronaut™ ensures that egg yolks and whites stay pristine and uncontaminated.

🚀 Simple Operation: No need for electricity or batteries. Just pull the rope to spin the egg inside, and within 10 seconds, your egg yolk and white are perfectly mixed.

🚀 Handy Egg Shaker Whisk: It's designed to accommodate eggs of various sizes and shapes, making it a versatile tool for your kitchen.

🚀 Golden Egg Making Tool: Through centrifugal force, the Eggstronaut™ magically transforms your mixed egg into a delicious golden egg. It's a culinary marvel right at your fingertips.

The Eggstronaut™ not only makes cooking more efficient but also encourages kids to enjoy egg yolk, thanks to its engaging hand-powered method that preserves the egg's nutritional value.


  • Egg Mixer:

    • Material: PC+silicone
    • Color: Yellow
    • Size: 7676170mm (2.992.996.69 inches)

  • Egg Cutter:

    • Material: Stainless steel + PP
    • Size: 2093.5cm

Easy Steps to Golden Eggs:

  1. Choose fresh, medium-sized eggs.
  2. Place the egg vertically in the Eggstronaut™ base slot.
  3. Close the upper lid and rotate to secure.
  4. Pull the rope 25-30 times to complete the mixing process. The faster the speed, the quicker the mixing process.


  1. Pull the rope naturally to avoid overstraining it.
  2. If the rope is stuck, adjust the lid manually.
  3. Handle the rope with care to prevent damage.
  4. Colors may vary due to lighting and angles.
  5. Product size may have slight variations due to manual measurement.

In the world of egg separation, the Eggstronaut™ takes you on a journey to culinary excellence. Say goodbye to eggshell mishaps and hello to the magic of golden eggs with the Eggstronaut™ Golden Egg Mixer and Cutter. Elevate your kitchen experience today!



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Eggstronaut™ Golden Egg Mixer and Cutter

Eggstronaut™ Golden Egg Mixer and Cutter

Regular price $29.99 USD
Regular price $59.99 USD Sale price $29.99 USD
SAVE 25% Sold out