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FlashWheel - Rgb Glowing Motion Activated Solar Tire Valve

FlashWheel - Rgb Glowing Motion Activated Solar Tire Valve

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Illuminate Your Ride, Stay Safe with FlashWheel!

Revamp your wheels and become the center of attention on the road with our innovative motion-activated tire valve lights – FlashWheel! These lights are designed to not only enhance your safety but also add a touch of style to your vehicle.

FlashWheel's solar-powered LED lights automatically activate when your vehicle is in motion, providing an instant boost to your visibility during nighttime rides. Say goodbye to manual on/off switches – these lights are a hassle-free safety upgrade.

Key Advantages:

Automatic Motion Activation: FlashWheel's solar-powered LED lights are motion-activated, instantly lighting up when your vehicle is in motion. This feature enhances your visibility and safety during nighttime rides, and the hands-free operation means you never have to worry about switching them on or off.

Customizable RGB Colors: Personalize your vehicle's appearance and set the mood for your journey with a wide range of RGB colors to choose from. These vibrant colors and dynamic patterns add a touch of style and uniqueness to your wheels, making your vehicle truly stand out.

Effortless Installation: Installing FlashWheel is a breeze. Simply screw them onto your tire valves, and you're good to go. No complex wiring or tools required. This user-friendly design allows anyone to enhance their vehicle's appearance and safety in minutes.

Weather-Resistant & Durable: FlashWheel is built to withstand the elements. Constructed with weather-resistant materials, these tire valve lights can handle rain, snow, and dust, ensuring they remain functional and attractive through various driving conditions.

Product Specifications:

  • Model Name: Cap light
  • Light Source: LED
  • Material Type: Plastic
  • Wattage: 1.5W
  • Current: 5V
  • Special Function: Solar wheel light
  • Item Type: Warning Light
  • Item Diameter: 4.4 cm
  • Item Weight: 0.03 kg


  1. Automatic Solar Charging: FlashWheel utilizes high-efficiency solar cells for automatic solar charging.

  2. Built-In Lithium Battery: Equipped with a large-capacity lithium battery (Type A battery) with no memory effect for a longer lifespan.

  3. Ultra-High Brightness: Imported ultra-high brightness LEDs provide wide warning and decorative effects when driving at night.

  4. Intelligent Opening Function: FlashWheel is equipped with a light and micro-vibration sensing system, automatically flashing when driving at night.

Usage Notes:

  1. Please charge the product in direct sunlight for at least 1 hour before use.

  2. Keep the product's surface clean for optimal performance.

  3. Ensure all screws are securely tightened to prevent the product from falling off when the wheel rotates at high speeds.

Package Includes: 2/4pcs valve lights

Upgrade your vehicle's safety and style with FlashWheel – the motion-activated tire valve lights that make your presence on the road shine bright!

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