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TanningHelper (Brown Collection)

TanningHelper (Brown Collection)

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Achieve a Flawless Tan Even in Hard-to-Reach Areas ☀️✨

Experience the ease of attaining a sun-kissed radiance with TanningHelper. Crafted for simplicity and effectiveness, this revolutionary set ensures consistent coverage and effortlessly overcomes the challenge of tanning those unreachable spots, like your back.

The supple, reusable materials guarantee impeccable application without streaks, while the multiple sizes cater perfectly to every contour of your body. Bid farewell to uneven tan lines and welcome a smooth, natural-looking tan that envelops your entire being.

Key Advantages

 Effortless Back Tanning - TanningHelper empowers you to apply self-tanning products seamlessly to your back, eliminating the struggle of reaching that area. Say goodbye to uneven tans or the need for assistance – this applicator enables you to achieve a flawless, uniform tan on your own. 🌞🤳

 Uniform Application - The applicator's soft, reusable material ensures an even spread of tanning products, resulting in a streak-free and naturally sun-kissed glow. Experience salon-quality results without complex maneuvers or external aid. 🧤🌟

 Versatile Accessories - TanningHelper arrives with an array of tools designed to cater to every inch of your body. This allows you to customize your tanning experience and effortlessly target specific areas. 🧴👙

 User-Friendly - Whether you're new to self-tanning or an experienced pro, TanningHelper welcomes users of all skill levels. Its intuitive design makes achieving a flawless tan convenient, eliminating the need for salon visits. 🙌💁‍♀️

Self-Tanning Mitt Glove Tools

  1. Tan Mitt for All Formulations - The tan mitt works harmoniously with various tanning formulations, from creams and mousses to sprays and tinted moisturizers. Its easy-to-control design ensures a smooth application, putting the power of self-tanning in your hands.

  2. Reusable & Velvety Smooth - This re-usable tanning mitt boasts a "soft velvet" material for a consistently free and even application. Perfect for mousses and other formulations, its sponge side, backed with protective plastic, safeguards your hand while ensuring swift and streak-free tan application.

Claim Your TanningHelper Set Today and Embrace a Radiant, Even Tan Everywhere! 🌅🛍️

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